Shopping assistance

On the trading market GUDMAX is represented by officially registered in United Kingdom  company GUDMAX Group ltd.
By shopping on eBay and internet Shops with GUDMAX assistance you will reduce risk and costs. We will help you to buy goods in the UK, Germany, Austria, USA and many other countries. You need only choose the one that suits you at any time of the day or night, regardless of the time zone and your location, and give as instruction to buy it, we will do the rest.

Unfortunately many sellers do not send items to the other countries, which makes it imposible to get items you would like to get. If you would like to buy an item from such a seller, then we will help you to solve this problem by making all the necessary work for you.
Our company is offering delivery services of goods bought in internet shops located not in your country. We will arrange  delivery of the most goods such as clothing and shoes for adults and children, household items, car parts, cosmetics, household and many others bought in UK, USA, Canada to most points in the world.
The main GUDMAX warehouse is located in the Great Britain this is allowing us to solve all issues in regrds of purchase, delivery, and storage of your goods in this country.
We will deliver your goods to any point in the world by using postal or courier services. We save your time, reduce shipping costs and guarantee delivery of goods.
You just need only select the items you like - we will do the rest! We will take part in the auction, make payments behalf of you, arrange storage and delivery of goods, you have chosen.
Professional staff of our company is enable to provide assistance online in several languages, including English and Russian. Our staff will help you to organise purchase, store, transportation, and delivery of your goods to you. 
GUDMAX  is actively developing and improving its services, so that thousands of our customers from Europe, Russia could trust us and continue to work with us
With us, you can:
- Buy from foreign internet Shops, even if you are not registered with then on web site;
- Quickly and securely make payments for the selected items;
- Receive the goods which passed quality control. We will check items for workability, so you get only quality items that meet your individual needs

- Avoid conflict situations and not be afraid of fraud. We will reduce those risks;
- Save on delivering costs. You can keep yours item in our warehouse within two months, and send them in one go as big pack instead of sending separetly, which is more expensive.We have an experience in the delivery of goods around the world
- Buy goods on sales with substantial discounts or promotions, which are regularly arranged in the shops, which guarantees saving your money;
We are officially registered company in the United Kingdom, in Companies House under number 07838336 (COI).
We are registered and are responsible to fulfill our obligations in fron of our client by all major payment systems, including GOOGLE CHECKOUT, PAYPAL, UNISTREAM.

Our site is protected from data theft by using https, SSL sertificate, which guarantees confidentiality.

Rigid requirements for the confidentiality of customers personal data storage, according to UK law put responsibilities on Our company and we annually inspected to ensure that personal data is safe. Our company has PDP CERTIFICATE.